Table 4

Vaccination coverage needed for 50% risk reduction by selected scenarios

ScenarioStrategyVaccination coverage for 50% risk reduction (%)Needed vaccinations in a normalised size general practitioner (GP) practice* (Netherlands)
sCOVID basedHighest risk first, based on ranking from highest to lowest risk8.4175 (1.2 million)
Oldest firstStepwise in 5 years group from 100 to 65, random in age band10.0210 (1.7 million)
60plus60 plus first, random18.1380 (3.1 million)
InfluenzaThose with an indication for influenza vaccination first, random26.1545 (4.4 million)
NaiveNone, random, everybody50.01050 (8.5 million)
WorkerPrioritise inhabitants 25–65 years of age67.51414 (11.5 million)
  • *Normalised GP practice=2095 patients (