Table 1

Table of themes for junior doctors’ experience of working during the COVID-19 pandemic

Challenges of working during the COVID-19 pandemic
‘[P]atients were just dying in front of us so quickly and they were young’. (P5)
Personal impact: helplessness in the face of trauma
‘[M]y sleep is awful again, I’m waking up, I think Covid-19 hasn’t helped’. (P1)
Work-related impact: change and uncertainty
I gained 14 new patients who I'd not met before’. (P6)
Strategies for coping with the impact of COVID-19 on work
‘So although I should have moved on from GP I ended up staying in GP so I was actually there for eight months’. (P7)
Limitations of personal strategies
I cried a lot’. (P14)
Organisational strategies
[W]e'd kind of share what we've learned’. (P5)
Positive impact of COVID-19 on working practices
‘[S]ince Covid-19, things have improved slightly there’s, um we have something called like the rest and recuperation hub. (P6)
Positive new ways of working
We almost looked forward to going to work’. (P8)
Additional support and camaraderie
[T]hey provided hot meals’. (P5)