Table 3

Regression model of the effect of job demands on job satisfaction among Chinese doctors (N=2617)

ModelBSETest statisticsP value95% CI (LLUI–ULCI)
Ma5: job demands for WFC0.4550.02310.726<0.0010.410 to 0.500r=0.554, r2=0.306
F=103.907; p=0.001
Ma6: WFC for job satisfaction−0.2240.020−10.988<0.001−0.264 to −0.184r=0.335, r2=0.113
F=26.826; p=0.001
Ma7: job demands for job satisfaction (direct effect)−0.0370.0241.5620.119−0.009 to 0.083
Ma8: job demands for job satisfaction (total effect)−0.0650.022−2.932<0.001−0.109 to −0.002r=0.249, r2=0.062
F=15.514; p=0.001
  • CI, Confidence interval; LLCI, Lower level confidence interval; ULCI, Upper level confidence interval; WFC, work–family conflicts.