Table 4

Regression model of the effect of job resources on thriving at work among Chinese doctors (N=2617)

ModelBSETest statisticsP value95% CI (LLUI–ULCI)
Mb1: job resources for psychological attachment0.9880.02638.692<0.0010.937 to 1.038r=0.675, r2=0.455
F=194.937; p=0.001
Mb2: psychological attachment for thriving at work0.3200.02314.002<0.0010.275 to 0.365r=0.652, r2=0.426
F=155,465; p=0.001
Mb3: job resources for thriving at work (direct effect)0.2650.01517.747<0.0010.236 to 0.294
Mb4: job resources for thriving at work (total effect)0.5820.01931.073<0.0010.545 to 0.618r=0.583, r2=0.339
F=119.819; p=0.001
  • CI, Confidence interval; LLCI, Lower level confidence interval; ULCI, Upper level confidence interval.