Table 3

Identification and measurement of costs

Cost componentsDescription of resources usedUnit of measureSource, level data collected
Intervention delivery costs
 Set-up costsHiring costs, training and materialsTotal costsStudy’s accounting data
 1. In-reach clinicsPaediatrician, GP, mental health specialist, etcMinutesPrimary care data (EMIS), patient
 2. Lunch-and-learn sessionsPaediatrician, GP, other child health professionals, clerks/administrative, etcMinutesService caseloads, service
 3. Specialist nurse-led services
  • CYPHP nurses, mental health specialists, etc.

MinutesPrimary care data, patient
  • Phone usage.

Minutes/text messagesInterview CYPHP nurse, service
  • Travel to patients (distance and mileage).

Minutes and £Primary care data and interview CYPHP nurse, service
  • Children’s centre.

RentStudy’s accounting data, service
 4. Population health management
  • Population health clinician, analyst, manager

MinutesStudy’s accounting data, service
 5. Specialist team training
  • CYPHP nurses, primary care, secondary care staff, etc.

MinutesCYPHP nurse’s caseload notes, service
  • School staff.

 6. Multidisciplinary team case planning
  • CYPHP nurses, primary care, secondary care staff, etc

MinutesCYPHP nurse’s caseload notes, service
Overhead costsUsing spaces, data access and storage£Study’s accounting data
Service use
  • GP.

Number of visitsPrimary care data and secondary care activity, patient
  • Paediatrician.

Number of visits
  • Hospital outpatient.

Number of visits
  • Hospital inpatient.

Number of visits
  • Accident and emergency.

Number of visits
  • Social care services.*

Referral (yes/no)
CYP and family
Time away from schoolHoursStudy questionnaires, patient
Time away from workHoursStudy questionnaires, parent
  • *CYPHP nurses may refer CYP and their families to social care services. An indicator for referrals to social services is available in primary care data. Secondary care data (inpatient stays, A&E attendances and outpatient visits) will be obtained from Guy’s and Saint Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College Hospital data.

  • CYP, children and young people; CYPHP, Children and Young People’s Health Partnership; EMIS, Egton Medical information Systems; GP, general practitioner.