Table 3

Frequency of the five most common organisms by test group in Oxfordshire primary care practices between 2008 and 2018

Test group
organism detected
N positive*% of positive specimens% of all tested specimens
Urine180 04710026.7
Escherichia coli132 22773.419.6
Enterococcus spp13 0937.271.94
Klebsiella spp70503.921.05
Staphylococcus spp67833.771.01
Proteus spp67283.741.00
 Other14 1777.872.10
Genital30 27010027.8
Candida spp21 76771.920.0
 Metronidazole-sensitive anaerobes531617.64.88
Streptococcus spp442114.64.06
Staphylococcus spp6762.230.62
E. coli3931.300.36
Surface swab28 02910041.0
Staphylococcus spp16 79859.924.6
Streptococcus spp849530.312.4
Candida spp322711.54.73
 Metronidazole-sensitive anaerobes11093.961.62
Haemophilus spp10013.571.47
Campylobacter spp563184.78.25
Salmonella spp6089.140.89
 Giardia lamblia2884.330.42
Shigella spp831.250.12
E. coli821.230.12
Antenatal urine37731006.57
E. coli179647.63.13
Enterococcus spp125033.12.18
Streptococcus spp†3258.610.57
Staphylococcus spp1935.120.34
Candida spp1002.650.17
Trichophyton spp574689.123.8
Candida spp5778.942.39
Fusarium spp941.460.39
Acremonium spp681.050.28
Scopulariopsis spp440.680.18
Staphylococcus spp107662.421.8
Streptococcus spp29517.15.98
Pseudomonas spp18610.83.77
E. coli1237.132.49
 Metronidazole-sensitive anaerobes1005.802.03
Respiratory tract300410093.6
Haemophilus spp120340.037.5
Pseudomonas spp88029.327.4
Streptococcus spp31410.59.78
Staphylococcus spp30610.29.53
Moraxella spp2839.428.81
  • *The number of tests positives for all organisms within a test group may not add up to the total number of positives, as some specimens may be positive for more than one organism.

  • †Predominantly Group B streptococcus.