Table 3

Key metrics of the three videos 1 month after release

MotherLoveBaby (shortened)
Video release13 Aug 201913 Sept 201911 Oct 2019
Boost budget$1016$1016$1166
Video plays2 268 7362 834 2822 704 121
Engagement and rate (eg, likes, shares, comments)679 5911 265 398873 388
Engagement rate20%38%24%
Reach (nationwide)1 406 2741 307 1401 305 075
Cost per reach (nationwide)$0.30$0.32$0.32
Click to Action (send message to Marie Stopes)399723 7004728
Cost per click$0.03$0.01$0.03
  • Reach is the number of people who saw a post at least once. Engagement is the number of people interacting with the content. Example is like, share, comment, reactions. Click to Action measures the number of people who click the ‘Send message’ button that will lead to MSIC Facebook messenger.

  • MSIC, Marie Stopes International Cambodia.