Table 4

Results of the sensitivity analysis excluding people with psychosocial impairments

Coeff95% CI% mediated
Multiple imputation
 TCE−3.8−6.0 to −1.6
 IDE−3.0−5.2 to −0.9
 IIE through employment (M1)−0.4−0.9 to 0.111.6 (−16.2 to 39.4)
 IIE through income (M2)0.00.0 to 0.1−0.4 (−2.9 to 2.2)
 IIE from dependence of M1 and M20.00.0 to 0.00.0 (−0.3 to 0.2)
  • IDE, interventional direct effect; IIE, interventional indirect effect; TCE, total causal effect.