Table 2

Functionalities of the MyPal web app

H1Incoming information summaryA central page of the web app which lists the incoming patient information that has not been reviewed yet. The summarised incoming information is automatically prioritised in the system backend with the help of custom algorithms and the pieces of incoming information that are assigned the highest priority and placed on the top of the list.
H2Individual data dashboardA page that presents, using a dashboard with modern visualisations, all the information that has been collected for a given patient since the beginning of the trial. The information includes (1) patients’ responses to the symptom questionnaires; (2) the spontaneous symptom reports; (3) the self-reported medication via the smartphone app; (4) the appointment schedule; (5) the daily number of steps and sleep quality as tracked by the commercial smart wristband; (6) relevant clinical information (age, gender, diagnosis, treatment-naïve/relapsed, stage or risk, treatment to be given, info on expected outcome, Karnofsky index at the time of inclusion, comorbidities).
H3Aggregated data dashboardA page that presents, using an analytics dashboard with modern visualisations, aggregated and summarised information coming from all patients who participate in the trial (descriptive statistics such a min, max, average and percentiles).
H4Discussion guideA page that provides a personalised discussion guide to be used during an appointment with a patient to mitigate potential risk of non-adherence with the intervention. This will be available to the HCP through the web interface before a patient’s visit. The discussion guide is personalised to the patient’s non-adherence risk screener results.
H5Information recommender repository updateA page used for editing the information that resides in the repository of the personal health information recommender. The HCP can upload documents or specify web resources that contain valid medical information.
H6HCP response logA page used for logging potential responses of the HCP to the presented information of a specific patient. The HCP can log in a structured manner any actions taken after visiting individual data dashboard of a patient.
  • HCP, healthcare provider.