Table 1

The system-initiated and user-initiated functionalities offered in the MyPal smartphone app

System-initiated functionalityDescription
PS1Physical symptom questionnairesNotifications to complete physical symptom questionnaires are issued once per week.
PS2Psychoemotional symptom questionnairesNotifications to complete a psychoemotional symptom questionnaire are issued once per week.
PS3Screener questionnairesNotifications to complete a screener questionnaire concerning (1) the patient’s ongoing engagement with the MyPal Study, and (2) the risk of medication non-adherence. Responses will determine the motivational messages that patients will be receiving and the highest priority topics for the discussion guide presented to the HCP (issued at months 0, 3 and 6).
PS4Motivational messagesTailored short motivational messages presented to the patient. Their content is determined based on a custom algorithm that receives input from patient responses (issued twice weekly until week 4, then once weekly until week 24).
PS5Medication remindersNotifications that remind the patient to take their medication; determined by the patient via the medication management functionality.
PU1Spontaneous symptom reportingA form that is used by the patient to spontaneously report physical or psychoemotional symptoms in a structured or unstructured way.
PU2Medication managementAn editable list of the patient’s medication plan along with the dosage and the frequency of intake.
PU3Personal health information recommenderA personalised search engine that retrieves health information related to health status of the patient.
PU4Self-reported information reviewA view that presents the patient’s past responses to physical and psychoemotional questionnaires.
PU5Activity information reviewA view that presents past daily step count and sleep quality indicators acquired by the commercial wristband.
  • HCP, healthcare provider.