Table 2

Women scientists with higher citation impact of their COVID-19-related published work than all of the 76 experts who appeared in the analysed sample of US cable news prime time

ScientistInstitutionPrimary disciplineSecondary discipline
Guarner, JeannetteEmory University School of MedicinePathologyMicrobiology
Bourouiba, LydiaMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyFluids and plasmasEvolutionary biology
Phelan, Alexandra L.Georgetown LawGeneral and internal medicineApplied ethics
Abbasi, JenniferUniversity of California, San FranciscoGeneral and internal medicine
Walls, Alexandra C.University of Washington, SeattleDevelopmental biologyBiophysics
Connors, Jean M.Harvard Medical SchoolCardiovascular system and haematologyImmunology
de Wit, EmmieNIAID Rocky Mountain LaboratoriesVirologyMicrobiology
Volkow, Nora D.National Institutes of Health (NIH)Neurology and neurosurgeryPsychiatry
Rubin, RitaIndependent journalistGeneral and internal medicine
Amanat, FatimaIcahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiMicrobiologyVirology