Table 1

Modelling inputs, assumptions and ranges for passive, enhanced and active contact investigation (CI)

InterventionsTotal cost
Index patient with TBTotal contacts diagnosed with TB
(lower and upper limit)
Cost per index TB patient family screened
Probability of finding a patient with TB per household screened (lower and upper limit)
Passive CIUS$10 65923121 (17–25)46 (37-55)0.09 (0.07–0.10)
Passive +enhanced CIUS$19 597300102 (82–122)76 (61–91)0.34 (0.27–0.40)
Passive +enhanced + active CIUS$32 282300155 (124–186)118 (94–142)0.52 (0.41–0.62)
  • TB, tuberculosis.