Table 2

Sociodemographic, economic and health status factors associated with perceived difficulty in accessing healthcare

ParameterORStandard errorP value95% CI
Age groupsEarly adolescent vs late adolescent0.821.100.0320.68 to 0.98
GenderFemale vs male0.811.100.0210.68 to 0.97
Number of siblingsFour or greater vs no siblings0.641.290.0820.39 to 1.06
One to two vs no siblings0.551.350.0440.30 to 0.98
Three vs no siblings0.441.340.0060.25 to 0.79
Overall income<US$2500 vs >US$40001.811.11<0.00011.48 to 2.22
Between US$2500 and US$4000 vs >US$40001.251.120.0560.99 to 1.58
Mental healthYes vs no1.581.11<0.00011.29 to 1.94
Chronic diseaseYes vs no1.701.14<0.00011.30 to 2.22
  • *Probability is modelled as ‘Access to healthcare is difficult’.

  • †Significance is declared at alpha <0.05.