Table 2

Data and information extraction list

Publication informationAuthors, publish year, email of the corresponding author, country.
Demographic dataAge, sex, human race, right-handed or not, APOE genotype, sample size, education level, diagnostic criteria, years since first symptom or first diagnosis, disease stage, cognitive assessment scores.
Data acquisitionThe field strength and the exact machine model of the MRI scanner, slice numbers and thickness of each sequence, time points and total scanning time of functional MRI.
Outcome dataCoordinate space, anatomical label, peak coordinate, cluster size, t-value or other statistics.
Data processingSoftware used, number of time points to be discarded, resampling parameters, full-width at half-maximum smooth kernel size, variables to be regressed out, the frequency range for ALFF/fALFF and the number of neighbouring voxels for ReHo, method to control false positive rate.
  • ALFF, amplitude of low frequency fluctuation; APOE, apolipoprotein E; fALFF, fractional ALFF; ReHo, regional homogeneity.