Table 2

Selection of potentially improvement themes

Region Limburg (11)Region North-Holland (12)
Deep venous thrombosis
  • To harmonise the advice to use initial and/or definitive ECS therapy

  • To harmonise the advised duration of ECS therapy

  • To increase knowledge of ER nurses regarding the instruction and demonstration of the TCH

  • To incorporate the advised duration of ECS therapy in the patient letter

  • To create clarity in who is responsible for advising ECS therapy duration between internists and dermatologists

Chronic venous insufficiency
  • To organise follow-up and optimise patient knowledge on when to contact the treating physician

Deep venous thrombosis and chronic venous insufficiency
  • To optimise and harmonise initial compression therapy

  • To harmonise working methods for selecting and implementing assistive devices between medical stocking suppliers

  • To optimise the implementation of assistive devices in patients receiving home care for ECS therapy

  • To optimise the timing to contact the medical stocking supplier towards the end of the initial compression phase

  • To improve communication between medical stocking suppliers and home care nurses

  • To aim for uniformity in declaration requirements among insurance companies

  • To increase therapy adherence in patients using ECS therapy

  • ECS, elastic compression stocking; ER, emergency room; TCH, temporary compression hosiery.