Table 1

Composition of different sets of requirements throughout the Delphi

Key topicRound 1Round 2
All rated (set 1)unchanged (reaching sLOR and sLOA)changed (reaching sLOR and sLOA)changed (not reaching sLOR and/or sLOA)newAll rated (set 2)Accepted (final set)
I: The medication is reviewed regularly and in defined situations20113*601915
II: The medication is reviewed in a structured manner38306224039
III: The medication is monitored in a structured manner1383221514
IV: All healthcare professionals are committed to an optimal interprofessional collaboration1090111111
V: Residents are actively involved in medication process6510066
  • The five key topics with the number of their requirements are shown: Composition of requirements of set 1 (n=87) with their amendments after round 1, composition of set 2 (n=91) and the final set (n=85)

  • *One of those requirements was moved to the foreword, as it was a general remark, and therefore, was no longer part of the requirements.

  • †One of those requirements was not changed despite indication.

  • ‡Two of those requirements reached sLOR and sLOA but were separated into four requirements (categorised as two changed and two new).

  • sLOA, sufficiently high level of agreement; sLOR, sufficiently high level of relevance.