Table 4

Multivariate logistic regression of willingness to get a COVID-19 vaccine

VariableOR95% CIP value
 Male0.860.425 to 1.7540.68
Age group (years)
 25–340.220.079 to 0.5940.003
 35–440.120.031 to 0.4680.002
 >450.110.024 to 0.4720.003
Geographical region
 Centre of West Bank1.00
 North of West Bank1.470.439 to 4.9090.53
 South of West Bank1.510.671 to 3.7770.32
 Gaza Strip7.131.679 to 30.3030.008
 Village1.020.484 to 2.1610.95
 Camp2.360.701 to 7.9450.17
Marital status
 Not married1.00
 Married4.481.668 to 12.0440.003
Educational level
 Diploma or less1.00
 Bachelor0.650.124 to 1.6290.22
 Higher education0.850.162 to 2.6360.55
Employment status
 Health professionals1.00
 Non-health professionals0.850.412 to 1.7670.67
Knowledge score towards nature of the virus
 Moderate0.510.224 to 1.1730.11
 High0.180.065 to 0.4920.001
Knowledge score towards treatment and prevention
 Moderate0.740.332 to 1.6290.47
 High0.770.282 to 2.0770.60
Knowledge score towards priority groups
 Moderate1.600.768 to 3.3180.21
 High1.230.386 to 4.9240.73
Attitude score towards vaccination
 Moderate13.916.042 to 32.041<0.001
 High110.6228.329 to 431.0<0.001
Trust in vaccination score towards vaccination
 Moderate2.901.109 to 7.0730.029
 High11.804.092 to 34.006<0.001