Table 1

Seven-day prevalence of the use of at least one medicine, by user sex and age

7-day prevalence of medicines use
nProportion of total (%)
Total (n=1641)57334.9
Adults (≥18 years)
SexMale (n=711)27638.8*
Female (n=352)16446.6*
Age18–29 (n=468)12727.1†
30–39 (n=318)14044.0†
40–49 (n=158)8251.9†
50–59 (n=78)5671.8†
≥60 years (n=41)3585.4†
Children (≤17 years)
SexBoys (n=313)4715.0*
Girls (n=265)6022.6*
Age0–4 (n=171)5733.3†
5–9 (n=170)2112.4†
10–13 (n=115)1210.4†
14–17 (n=122)1713.9†
  • *Difference is significant at the 0.05 level.

  • †Difference is significant at the 0.001 level.