Table 2

Schedule of events

EnrolmentAdjuvant setting (postsurgery observation or postoperative systemic therapy)Surveillance setting (~month 6 onwards)End of study or early termination
Presurgery—14 daysUp to 6 weeks postsurgeryWeek 6±14 days¶Week 12±28 days¶Week 20±28 days¶Every 3 months through year 2±45 days¶
Informed consentXX
Confirmation of inclusion/exclusion criteria and enrolmentXX
Future research blood collection (streck)¶XX
Medical historyX
ECOG performance statusX
Laboratory resultsXXXXXXX
Radiology resultsXXXXXX
Pathology resultsX
Healthcare provider questionnaireXX‡
Systemic therapy*X
Adverse event reportingXXXXXX
Patient-reported outcomesXX† (month 6, 12, 18, 24)
  • *Patients receiving postoperative systemic therapy only.

  • †Every other appointment or every 6 months.

  • ‡Data to be captured after receipt of Signatera results, either after patient completes their postoperative (which may be greater than 20 weeks±4 weeks) or after the treatment plan to observe during the adjuvant setting.

  • §To be completed at the end of year 2, cancer recurrence or early withdrawal (whichever occurs first). Grey box indicates measurement taken only once during the shaded (grey) time period.

  • ¶Optional

  • ECOG, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group.