Table 3

Data to be abstracted from eligible studies included in the review

Data domainData categories
Study identifiers: from a published study, government report, non-government report or postsecondary institutional thesis (exceeding 500 words in length)Authors’ names; study title; publication type; publication date; journal, volume, issue and page numbers of publication; place of publication (ie, first author’s institutional email address) and digital object identifier
Study design: primary research, review, commentary, editorial, opinion, case study, case report or report from an expert advisory groupsStudy type or design; time frame of study; location of study (ie, country) and region of study (localised when reported)
Participants: family members and/or healthcare providers of hospitalised adult patientsDefinition and size (ie, N) of the source population(s) at risk; relevant demographic information (eg, age, gender, relationship to patient); patient admitting diagnosis; patient hospital length of stay; patient intensive care unit length of stay (if applicable); patient mortality (if applicable)
Exposure: enacted policy on restricted visitation for hospitalised patients as a result of COVID-19 at an acute care facilityType and catchment area of hospital; date of enactment; visitation policies prior to the COVID-19 pandemic; extent of changes to visitation policies*
Outcome: perspectives, experiences, impactsPatient COVID-19 status; assessment tool(s); timepoint of assessment(s); perspectives (ie, mental views or prospects); experiences (ie, encounters); impacts (eg, any diagnosed psychopathologies or symptoms of psychopathologies, neurocognitive disorders or symptoms of neurocognitive disorders; health-related quality of life, self-efficacy (ability to function and maintain relationships), general well-being(coping, sense of meaning, purpose, optimism and hopefulness)); approaches or strategies taken to mitigate impact (eg, education sessions, informal or formal support groups, (TeleHealth or Mobile Health) communication platforms); statistical significance; authors’ conclusions and recommendations
  • *Data will be categorised according to the restricted visitation policy tree.