Table 3

Distribution of contraceptive use across individual and contextual factors of parenting adolescent girls in sub-Saharan Africa

VariablesWeighted NWeighted %Contraceptive useχ2 (P value)
Age62.9 (<0.001)
Marital status2.83 (0.418)
 Never married261227.528.0
Level of education576.9 (<0.001)
 No education251426.59.5
Parity36.7 (<0.001)
 One birth790183.328.4
 Two births or more158716.721.0
Exposure to media42.8 (<0.001)
Ideal number of children535.7 (<0.001)
 6 or more265828.011.8
Wealth index58.9 (<0.001)
Place of residence3.9 (0.049)
Subregions7.35 (<0.001)
 West Africa301728.913.7
 East Africa191229.331.2
 Central Africa224817.912.4
 Southern Africa231023.955.5
  • Source: Demographic and Health Surveys.