Table 5

Linear correlation coefficient between overall primary care physicians’ satisfaction towards psychological support, work safety and institutional/governmental regulations and their components

Overall satisfaction towards psychological support and team dynamics provided in your health centre
Communication between higher management and physiciansr=0.745, p<0.001
Communication between health centre management and physiciansr=0.773, p<0.001
The ability of your supervisor to address your questions and concernsr=0.755, p<0.001
Availability of resources to support your decision making about patient carer=0.772, p<0.001
PHCC staff support hotliner=0.741, p<0.001
Overall satisfaction towards the safety of work in your health centre
PHCC staff health and safety policyr=0.722, p<0.001
Accessibility to report and investigate arising problemsr=0.674, p<0.001
Availability of PPE equipment at your health centrer=0.83, p<0.001
Quality of PPE equipment available in your health centrer=0.811, p<0.001
Your training you on PPE user=0.68, p<0.001
Overall satisfaction towards PHCC institutional and governmental support
Dedicating some health centre for patients with COVID-19 carer=0.528, p<0.001
Cancelling routine appointments and preventive services at PHCCr=0.528, p<0.001
Implementing telephone consultation for the publicr=0.513, p<0.001
Home delivery of medications for patients with chronic medical conditionsr=0.483, p<0.001
Temporary holding of on-site education for schools and universitiesr=0.574, p<0.001
Reducing working hours and allowing work from home for governmental and private institutionsr=0.691, p<0.001
  • PHCC, Primary Health Care Corporation.