Table 4

Sensitivity of the Chinese PCPCM scores of the subjects by known groups

Known groupsPCPCM score (mean±SD, n)ESP value
No. of years the patient has known the doctor<0.001
 <13.01±0.57 (223)0.60
 ≥13.32±0.46 (77)
Likeliness to see the same doctor/nurse each time for consultation0.001
 Probably not or definitely not or not sure3.01±0.57 (188)0.40
 Probably or definitely will3.23±0.51 (112)
Frequency of using GOPC services in the past 12 months0.002
 0–2 times2.90±0.57 (65)0.43
 >2 times3.14±0.55 (235)
Self-perceived health level0.001
 Fair or poor2.97±0.57 (140)0.39
 Good or very good or excellent3.19±0.53 (160)
No of illness(es) consulted (for chronic patient only)0.413
 =13.27±0.44 (93)0.14
 >13.20±0.55 (56)
Reason for consultation
 Chronic disease(s) follow up3.24±0.51 (149)0.55
 Episodic illness(es)2.94±0.57 (151)<0.001
  • ES, effect size effect size is estimated by Cohen’s d; GOPC, General Out-patient Clinic (the public primary care clinic system in Hong Kong); PCPCM, Person-Centred Primary Care Measure.