Table 4

Qualitative data from patients who received the DSME

Behaviour changePatient perspective
Improvements in taking medicationI am a living example when I was first diagnosed with T2D I was prescribed to take metformin in the morning and evening but after learning about my condition especially diet topic I was able to manage my diet and as a result I was asked to take metformin once a day and as of now I am only taking half a tablet in the morning and another half in the evening (P5, non-participant, Malawi)
Increasing physical activityFor me, this training program was a privilege, and I've been capitalizing on everything I've learned. Especially in the alignment between eating and physical exercise, because this is where I had many problems (P4, patient, Moz)
I could walk from home going to Msungwi but when I reach there I could feel so much pain as if something bad is happening in my body. But after getting the education I have been walking long distances during the evening and I have seen that its working (P5, female patient, Malawi)
The other part which I also liked most was the advice we get from the clinic such as doing different physical exercises like moving a wheel bar, cultivating the garden, so this is helping our bodies to be strong (P6, male patient, Malawi)
Improving food choicesWe use to abuse on the oil, tomato, onion, everything. Now I know how to do things moderately. I learned a lot, the course was valuable (P4, patient, Moz)
For me I think the program was good because they taught us how to take care of our bodies and the need to consume food that has less cholesterol (P2, female patient Malawi)
We were just ignorant especially on the issue of diet and this was not helping us, but now after getting the education we are able to take care of ourselves (P2, female patient Malawi)
Mmm, and the foods we were taught to eat it’s our locally Malawian foods; they didn’t tell us to take foreign food which we could spend thousands of money to buy, no so the examples were relevant (P2, female patient Malawi)
Manage stressWe stopped having stress and we accepted that we are T2D patients. You also taught us how we can live long by doing exercise, having good diet and etc. The main thing is to accept and avoid stress (P5, male patient, Malawi)
Losing weightI was weighing over 105 kgs but now I have reduced the weight to 92 (P6, female patient Malawi)
I was weighing 85 kg but am weighing 75 kgs and I feel very light now (P1, male patient Malawi)
I already lost 4 kg. My blood sugar levels have already dropped. The tiredness I used to feel I no longer feel (P1, patient, Moz)
  • DSME, diabetes self-management education.