Table 2

The estimated risks of cardiovascular deaths from explanatory variables by gender

HR95% CIHR95% CI
Age (65–74 as a reference)
 Age ≥752.932.483.464.953.916.26
BMI (18.5≤BMI< 24 as a reference)
 24≤BMI< 270.840.720.980.870.691.10
 27≤BMI< 300.900.721.120.890.651.20
 30≤BMI< 350.930.641.361.170.791.74
Having heart disease history1.451.261.671.571.281.93
Having hypertension history1.231.041.460.960.761.22
Having diabetes mellitus history1.000.861.161.040.841.28
Smoking status (non-smoking as a reference)
 Smoking occasionally0.870.621.210.760.311.87
 Smoking every day1.040.791.350.940.422.11
Drinking status (non-drinking as a reference)
Renal function (eGFR ≥90 as a reference)
 90>eGFR≥ 601.910.904.062.430.896.64
 60>eGFR≥ 452.851.336.093.661.3210.15
eGFR decline (slope > −5 as a reference)
 Slope ≤ −53.242.733.852.832.203.64
Urine protein (− as a reference)
 +/−, +, ++1.511.291.781.931.542.42
 +++, ++++2.311.513.534.232.347.65
  • BMI, body mass index; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; LCI, lower 95% confidence interval; UCI, upper 95% confidence interval.