Table 6

Multivariate linear regression model—impact of FORTA or PRISCUS or EU(7)-PIM use on cognitive function measured by LDST

LDSTCorrelation coefficientP value95% CI
FORTA PIM per patient−0.3970.002−0.644 to −0.150
Age−0.340<0.001−0.383 to −0.296
Sex2.538<0.0012.072 to 3.004
CASMIN3_22.348<0.0011.813 to 2.883
CASMIN3_33.791<0.0013.007 to 4.575
Income2.407<0.0011.869 to 2.945
Number of diseases weighted by severity−0.121<0.001−0.169 to −0.072
Number of taken drugs−0.0340.340−0.105 to 0.036
PRISCUS PIM per patient−0.4640.025−0.870 to −0.058
Age−0.340<0.001−0.383 to −0.296
Sex2.560<0.0012.093 to 3.026
CASMIN3_22.366<0.0011.831 to 2.901
CASMIN3_33.776<0.0012.992 to 4.561
Income2.423<0.0011.885 to 2.961
Number of diseases weighted by severity−0.127<0.001−0.176 to −0.079
Number of taken drugs−0.0600.079−0.127 to 0.007
EU(7)-PIM per patient−0.3000.005−0.508 to −0.092
Age−0.344<0.001−0.387 to −0.300
Sex2.597<0.0012.130 to 3.065
CASMIN3_22.351<0.0011.815 to 2.886
CASMIN3_33.772<0.0012.998 to 4.556
Income2.409<0.0011.871 to 2.947
Number of diseases weighted by severity−0.127<0.001−0.176 to −0.079
Number of taken drugs−0.0250.507−0.101 to 0.050
  • Dependent variable: results from LDST; independent variables: FORTA PIM or PRISCUS PIM or EU(7)-PIM; covariables included in the regression model: sex, age, education standard (casmin3_2: comparison between medium and low educational standard; casmin3_3: comparison between high and low educational standard), number of diseases weighted by severity, income and number of taken drugs.

  • Every PIM list is analysed separately in the same regression model.

  • FORTA, Fit fOR The Aged; LDST, letter digit substitution test; PIM, potentially inappropriate medication.