Table 3

Sodium intake contribution values (%) of processed meat and fish products*

Food categoriesChinaUKAustraliaSAUSA
All categories47.227.134.636.947.1
Meat alternative products55.120.723.9
Canned meat38.113.835.933.030.4
Frozen meat8.013.822.023.026.6
Meat burgers30.619.723.831.923.8
Salami and cured meats60.078.770.581.780.4
Sausage and hot dogs49.627.535.240.741.5
Sliced meat56.633.449.545.043.8
Dried meat75.588.0107.276.8
Pate and meat spreads95.831.524.039.534.0
Other meat products52.513.828.543.329.5
Raw flavoured meats28.29.918.423.322.3
Whole hams and similar products52.
Roasted chicken44.79.918.020.828.2
Raw unflavoured meats6.
Canned fish45.117.719.017.719.4
Chilled fish87.225.629.422.519.5
Frozen fish6.613.817.014.817.4
Other fish65.327.543.022.6269.5
  • *The contribution value, calculated as median sodium content (mg/100 g)/2000 (mg/day)*100%, was a ratio of daily sodium intake from 100 g product against the WHO maximum sodium recommendation (2000 mg/day), assuming the daily consumption of processed meat and fish food for a person were 100 g/day. The contribution values were highlighted as red, yellow and green to represent high (>66%), medium (>33%, ≤66%) and low (≤33%) contribution to sodium intake, respectively.