Table 2

Overview of inputs in tools used to screen, triage and evaluate the severity of patients with COVID-19

Screening tools (n=57)Triage tools (n=23)Severity scoring tools* (n=54)
No. unique inputs%No. unique inputs%No. unique inputs%
Total combined inputs†76100.0108100.0116100.0
Clinical interventions received00.054.610.9
Comorbid conditions67.91513.92420.7
Concurrent acute conditions22.61413.097.8
Imaging investigations33.932.832.6
Laboratory investigations2228.93229.64236.2
Other characteristics33.943.721.7
Signs and symptoms2836.81614.8119.5
Vital signs1013.21513.91714.7
  • *The total number of tools (n=134) does not equal the total number of papers (n=124), as some papers reported on more than one tool.

  • †Per cents are out of the total combine inputs, not the number of tools.