Table 2

Interviews and fieldwork undertaken for each case

Case study participantsInterviewsFieldwork observations
Case A
Project officer (also PhD scholar, midwife and maternal child health clinician)6Implementation team meetings: 16
Documents examined: 16
Project officer (also PhD scholar and psychologist)2
Senior research fellow (health service research)2
Senior research fellow and obstetrician2
Senior research fellow (psychology)1
Midwife—nurse manager 11
Midwife—nurse manager 21
General practitioner1
Service manager1
Senior research fellow and midwife1
Case B
Innovation facilitator/project officer6Implementation team/steering group meetings: 10
Documents examined: 10
Cognition consultant (allied health specialist)12
Nurse manager 12
Nurse manager 21
Medical consultant (general medicine, n=2)3
Medical consultant 1 (geriatric)2
Medical consultant 2 (geriatric)1
Service manager1
Education specialist1