Table 3

Search terms and their combinations

Search termSpecific terms for databases
GBV Termsgender based violence (variation: gender-based violence); violence against women; partner abuse; gender discrimination; spouse abuse; intimate partner violence; violence against girls; domestic violence; sexual violence; sexual assault; sexual abuse; sexual exploitation; sexual harassment; conjugal violence; female genital mutilation
Humanitarian Response Termshumanitarian; refugees; war; disaster; internally displaced population/persons; IDP camps; displacement sites; conflict; emergency; complex emergency; migrants; refugee camps; crisis settings; post-conflict; displaced
Risk Mitigation - Generalrisk mitigation (variation: risk-mitigation); risk reduction (variation: risk-reduction); risk management; risk minimization (variation: risk-minimization)
Risk Mitigation - Safety and Safety Perceptionssafety; safety perceptions; personal security; risk; dangers; insecurity; fear; concern; exclusion; marginalization; discrimination; protection; male-dominated spaces; child-safe spaces; women-safe spaces; safety; dignity; well-being; child-friendly spaces; women and girls-friendly spaces
Assessment and Evaluation Terms - Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation Termsoutcome; assessment; screening; evaluation; measurement; impact; M&E; quantifying; indicators; systematic; research; process evaluation; impact evaluation; program evaluation; outcome evaluation; result; change
Assessment and Evaluation Terms - Program-utilization Termsacceptability; participation; privacy; dignity; utilization; accessibility; satisfaction; quality; availability; access; dignity