Table 1

Population, Clinical Indication, Comparators, Attributes of Eligible guidelines, Recommendation characteristics (PICAR) statement

Study-specific criteria
Population/clinical conditionAdults 18 and above, with
peripheral arterial disease
InterventionAll forms of management.
ComparatorsNo comparator. All aspects of PAD management will be taken into consideration in the comparisons
Attributes of eligible CPGsLanguage; no restriction
Time range; published from 2010 to 2020
Publishing region; global
Versions; latest versions only
Development process; explicitly evidence-based
System of rating evidence; must be available and stated clearly
Scope; to cover all aspects of PAD management
Recommendations; must be available and clearly stated
Recommendation characteristicsRecommendations covering screening, diagnosis, pharmacological and non-pharmacological management are of interest.
Levels of confidence; an explicit level of confidence must accompany each recommendation
Locating recommendations; within the CPG’s texts, tables, algorithms and or decision paths
  • CPG, clinical practice guideline; PAD, peripheral arterial disease.