Table 2

Endocrinology clinic derived measurements for young people receiving medical treatment

Data sourceInitial assessmentFollow-up (FU) 3–6 months on GnRHaFollow-up (FU) 12 months on GnRHa (monitoring cycle repeats)
Auxology/physical measures
Height, sitting height, biacromial width, bi-iliac width and weightClinical measures×××
BMIValue derived by calculation×××
Parent’s heightClinical measure×
Pubertal Tanner stagingClinical examination×××
Body composition assessmentTanita bioelectrical impedance analyser×××
Radiological measures
Bone densitometryDexa scan×××
Bone ageX-ray of left hand and wrist×××
General blood measures
Full blood count, ferritin (iron)Blood test×××
Renal, liver, lipid and bone profilesBlood test×××
Vitamin DBlood test×××
Endocrine measures
Thyroid function testBlood test×××
Reproductive hormones: FSH, LH, PRL, testosterone, oestradiolBlood test×××
  • BMI, body mass index; FSH, follicle stimulating hormone; GnRHa, gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists; LH, luteinising hormone; PRL, prolactin.