Table 1

Summary of mask typology and uses scenarios

ScenarioMask typeMaterialWeight(g)OriginTransport (main)ReuseConsumption mask/month¶
PP_1Medical maskPolypropylene (PP)/nylon/aluminium*3.2 (2.5/0.5/0.2)ChinaBoatNo30
PP_2PP/nylon/aluminium3.2 (2.5/0.5/0.2)ChinaPlaneNo30
PP_3PP/nylon/aluminium3.2 (2.5/0.5/0.2)ChinaBoatHot drying, 30 min 70°C3
PP_4PP/nylon/aluminium3.2 (2.5/0.5/0.2)ChinaBoatWait and reuse3†
COT_1Unlabelled community maskCotton (COT)5ChinaBoatWashing machine 60°C2
COT_2COT5Homemade‡Washing machine 60°C2
PES_1Labelled community mask§Elastane/polyester (PES)6.3 (0.13/6.17)FranceTruckWashing machine 60°C2
PES_2Elastane/PES6.3 (0.13/6.17)SwitzerlandTruckWashing machine 60°C6
  • *Aluminium nose strip.

  • †One mask is used each weekday, for 10 reuses.

  • ‡Made from old cloth/fabric.

  • §Considering the French quality label AFNOR (scenario PES_1) and the Swiss quality label Testex (scenario PES_2).

  • ¶Number of worn-out masks disposed of and then replaced by a user during a month (consumption=30/nb of expected reuses).