Table 1

Characteristics of participants

Participant’s number for quotesFirst postpartum periodAge
EthnicityLiving situation*Education level†Amount of postpartum care utilisation by participants‡
1Yes30–34DutchSingleHigherRecommended amount
2Yes20–24OtherWith supportive adultLowerLess than recommended
3No30–34OtherWith partnerHigherRecommended amount
4No≥40OtherWith partnerLowerLess than recommended
5No25–29DutchSingle, in temporary housingLowerRecommended amount
6Yes25–29OtherSingleIntermediateLess than recommended
7Yes30–34DutchWith partnerIntermediateRecommended amount
8Yes20–24DutchWith supportive adultIntermediateLess than recommended
9No30–34OtherWith partnerIntermediateRecommended amount
10Yes20–24DutchWith partnerIntermediateLess than recommended
11No25–29OtherSingle, in women’s shelterIntermediateRecommended amount
12No35–39OtherWith partnerHigherLess than recommended
13Yes35–39DutchWith partnerHigherLess than recommended
14No35–39DutchWith partnerLowerLess than recommended
15No25–29OtherWith partnerIntermediateRecommended amount
16No35–39OtherWith partnerLowerLess than recommended
17Yes20–24OtherWith supportive adultIntermediateRecommended amount
18No30–34OtherSingle, living with childLowerRecommended amount
19Yes20–24DutchWith partnerIntermediateLess than recommended
20No25–29OtherWith partnerIntermediateRecommended amount
21Yes30–34DutchWith supportive adultHigherRecommended amount
22Yes35–39DutchWith partnerHigherRecommended amount
23Yes30–34OtherSingle, in women’s shelterIntermediateLess than recommended
  • *Based on living in a fixed abode, unless indicated otherwise.

  • †Based on participants’ highest successfully completed level of education, classification based on International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011; lower education corresponds with ISCED levels 0, 1 and 2, intermediate with ISCED levels 3, 4 and 5, and higher with ISCED levels 6, 7, 8.42

  • ‡For pregnant participants: this represents their intended utilisation of care compared with the recommended amount of hours of postpartum care by their maternity care organisation (MCO). For postpartum participants, this represents their actual use of care compared with the recommended amount of hours postpartum care by their MCO.