Table 4

OLS regression estimating the association between community cultural engagement (CCE) at wave 2 and mental health functioning (SF-12) at wave 5 (weighted; n=14 783)

M1: basic modelM2: M1+IMD and interaction termsM3: M2 +demographic factorsM4: M3 +Socio-economic position
Coef95% CIP valueCoef95% CIP valueCoef95% CIP valueCoef95% CIp-value
Cultural events0.100.10 to 0.110.0000.120.10 to 0.140.0000.100.08 to 0.120.0000.060.04 to 0.080.000
IMD0.050.04 to 0.050.0000.050.04 to 0.050.0000.030.02 to 0.040.000
Cultural events*IMD0.010.01 to −0.000.0000.000.01 to −0.000.008−0.00−0.00 - 0.000.183
Constant3.533.50 to 3.550.0003.303.25 to 3.350.0003.763.68 to 3.830.0003.683.51 to 3.840.000
Museums and heritage sites0.080.07 to 0.090.0000.090.07 to 0.110.0000.080.06 to 0.100.0000.050.03 to 0.060.000
IMD0.040.03 to 0.050.0000.040.03 to 0.050.0000.020.02 to 0.030.000
Museums and heritage sites*IMD0.000.01 to −0.000.027−0.00−0.01 to 0.000.0860.00−0.00 to 0.000.948
Constant3.603.57 to 3.620.0003.403.35 to 3.450.0003.873.80 to 3.940.0003.743.58 to 3.900.000
  • M1 (basic model) included CCE. M2 additionally controlled for Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) and interaction terms (CCE*IMD). M3 additionally adjusted for demographic factors (age, gender, ethnicity, partnership status, presence of children under age 16 years, whether or not living alone and regional locations). M4 additionally adjusted for socioeconomic position (educational levels, occupational socioeconomic status, household monthly gross income and housing tenure). Bold values denote statistical significance at the p<0.05 level.