Table 3

Bacteriological results by tuberculosis risk group, diagnosis and treatment outcomes

Risk groupHuman reader classificationCAD4TB score*Sputum smear microscopy result (ZN)Xpert result†Culture resultDiagnosisTreatment
Prisoner1 (high suspicion)55 (59)NegativeNegativePositiveActive TBCured
Homeless1 (high suspicion)93 (83)PositiveHighPositiveActive TBCured
Prisoner1 (high suspicion)89 (79)NegativeLowPositiveActive TBCured
Prisoner2 (low suspicion)71 (66)NegativeLowNegativeNo (relapse) TBNo
Homeless1 (high suspicion)79 (76)NegativeLowPositiveActive TBCompleted
General population2 (low suspicion)67 (64)NegativeLowPositiveActive TBCured
Roma population1 (high suspicion)77 (74)NegativeLowNegativeActive TBLost to follow-up
Homeless1 (high suspicion)97 (88)NegativeLowNegativeActive TBLost to follow-up
Homeless1 (high suspicion)79 (75)NegativeScarceNegativeActive TBLost to follow-up
Prisoner1 (high suspicion)78 NegativeLowPositiveActive TBCured
Roma population1 (high suspicion)81NegativeLowNegativeNo (relapse) TBNo
Roma population1 (high suspicion)91NegativeLowNegativeNo (relapse) TBNo
Roma population2 (low suspicion)80PositiveNot performedPositiveActive TBStill on treatment
  • *In parentheses the CAD4TB version 6 score of CXRs originally read by the CAD4TB version 5. The last four CXRs were read by CAD4TB version 6 already.

  • †(Very) low: (very) low semi-quantitation level, that is, a (very) low number of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genomic copies detected.

  • CXR, chest X-ray; TB, tuberculosis; ZN, Ziehl-Neelsen.