Table 1

Description of six prospective studies included in scoping review following the literature search

AuthorYearCountryParticipantsParticipant NContextSpecificTypeStructureTheory mentioned? Y/NOutcome measures
Aiello et al102011CanadaHCWs1250PandemicH1N1PsychologicalOne-hour educational sessionNEight Likert scale questions, one question beforehand
Blake et al112020UKHCWs55PandemicCOVID-19PsychologicalA digital learning packageNLikert scales. Assessment of fidelity, acceptability, usability and utility
Chen et al122006TaiwanNurses116PandemicSARSPsychologicalIn-service training, manpower allocation, gathering sufficient protective equipment and establishment of a mental health teamNZung’s Self-rating Anxiety Scale. Zung’s Self-rating Depression Scale. Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index
Iwakuma et al132017JapanHCWs17Natural disasterGreat East Japan EarthquakePsychological45 min guided meditation followed by reflection sessionY – coping mechanismsDepression, anger, fatigue, vigour, strain and confusion using Temporary Mood Scale
Ke et al142017TaiwanHCWs67Natural disasterEarthquakePsychologicalOn-site debriefing courses and mini-lectures, physical therapy and mental relaxation programme, debriefingNOwn Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) measure, own resilience measure (recovery from reported symptoms)
Waelde et al152018PhilippinesDisaster mental health workers68Natural disasterTyphoon HaiyanPsychologicalA 4-hour mindfulness workshop followed by an 8-week home study programmeNPerceived usefulness of training, daily practice, training expectancies, disaster exposure, depression (Centre for Epidemiological Studies - Depression Scale), anxiety, PTSD (both single questions)
  • HCWs, health care workers.