Table 3

Inconsistent use of condom at first and last sexual intercourse among adolescents in Taiwan from 2012 to 2016, by number of sexual partner

First sexual intercourseTotalLast sexual intercourse
No contraceptionCondomOther methodsP value
 No contraception2931782590
 Other methods2123527150
No of sexual partners >1
 No contraception158931550
 Other methods114201381
One sexual partner
 No contraception134851039
 Other methods98151469
  • P values were obtained from McNemar’s test.

  • The overall total (1207) does not equal to the total (598+606=1204) at the lower half of the table because subjects who did not respond to the questions about (1) the number of sexual partners, (2) the method of contraception use at first and last sexual intercourse were not included in McNemar’s test.