Table 2

Characteristics of the bereaved relatives and HSCPs who completed the survey

Characteristics of HSCPs surveyednCharacteristics of bereaved relatives surveyedn
Professional roleGender of participant
 Doctor114 Female216
 Nurse155 Male59
 Pharmacist1 Non-binary1
 Physiotherapist13 Other1
 Occupational therapist2 Missing1
 Speech and language therapist4Participant’s relationship to the family member who died
 Dietician1 Son/daughter174
 Social care professional2 Spouse/partner22
 Healthcare assistant23 Parent4
 Volunteer5 Son/daughter-in-law12
 Other (no details/free text provided)13 Niece/nephew13
 Missing5 Grandchild19
Location of professional Friend14
 England247 Other14
 Northern Ireland25Location of death
 Missing8 England179
 Northern Ireland7
Place of death
 General ward (n=34)
 Intensive care unit (n=13)
 Coronavirus ward (n=26)
 Other (n=2)
Usual place of care192
 Home (n=30)
 Care home (n=162)
Was the person who died infected with coronavirus?
 Yes, certainly82
 Yes, probably28
 No, probably not54
 No, certainly not92
  • HSCP, health and social care professional.