Table 3

Characteristics of the bereaved relatives and HSCPs interviewed in the study

Characteristics of HSCPs interviewednCharacteristics of bereaved relatives interviewedn
Hospital-based professionals1Gender of participant
 Palliative care social worker1 Female12
 Palliative care consultant2 Male7
 Palliative care clinical nurse specialist1
 Palliative care team leader (nurse)1Participant’s relationship to the family member who died
 Registered nurse1 Spouse/partner4
 Healthcare chaplain1 Adult child11
 Healthcare assistant2 Adult grandchild1
 Junior doctor2 Son/daughter-in-law2
Care home-based professionals
 Registered nurse2Ethnicity of relative/deceased
 Palliative care registered nurse1 White (English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British)19
Hospice-based professionalsLocation of relative/death
 Palliative care clinical nurse specialist1 England14
 Palliative care consultant1 Scotland4
 Palliative care nurse1 Wales1
 Northern Ireland0
Location of professional
 England8Place of death
 Wales2 General ward (n=3)
 Northern Ireland1 Intensive care unit (n=4)
 Coronavirus ward (n=3)
Gender of professionalCare home9
 Male5Chronic condition of deceased family member
Ethnicity of professional Cancer4
 White (English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish/British)16 Heart failure3
 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)2
 Renal disease1
 None identified1
Age of participant
Age of family member who died
Age of the children
 0–11 years old15
 12–18 years old9
  • HSCP, health and social care professional.