Table 2

Cross-tabulation of client support and client setting information extracted from included articles

Client support environment
Article typeNot specifiedClient with groupClient aloneClient with carer
Client settingNot specifiedPrimary Research215 17125
Guidance Documents631 32 34–37
At homePrimary Research416 19 21 22124
Guidance Documents
Home and communityPrimary Research118
Reviews226 27*226 27*
Guidance Documents133229 30*229 30*
General clinic sitesPrimary Research120
Guidance Documents
Rehabilitation unit and at homePrimary Research123
Guidance Documents
  • *Five articles (three reviews26–28 and two guidance documents29 30) had participants complete the telerehabilitation alone and in a group; these articles have been added to both the ‘Client was alone’ and ‘Client with group’ categories.