Table 2

Cause of death

Pathway to deathCauses of death
Non-compliance with treatment for chronic diseaseExpected deathsCystic fibrosis
Cardiomyopathy due to morbid obesity
Unexpected deathsDiabetic ketoacidosis (two cases)
Acute asthma (two cases)
Complications of prematurity
Congenital neuromuscular condition
Bowel obstruction due to chronic constipation
Morbid obesity leading to sepsis
Underlying disease process aloneExpected deathsComplex genetic condition
Unexpected deathsSudden unexpected death in epilepsy (two cases)
Postoperative complications
Not seeking medical advice for acute illnessUnexpected deathsSepsis
Pneumonia with pulmonary embolus
Severe vomiting illness
Abuse and neglect leading to deathUnexpected deathsPneumonia with multiple injuries (two cases)
Pneumonia from force feeding
Severe dehydration from gastroenteritis