Table 2

Final multivariable analysis for HAs after 6 months of follow-up

Prognostic variableEstimateSEP value
Global intercept*−1.6410.6160.008
Age (per year)−0.0100.0080.220
Sex (male)0.2260.0960.016
Medication count†0.0340.0160.032
START criteria count‡0.0800.0360.028
STOPP criteria count§0.0730.0380.056
Physical Component Summary score (PCS) from health-related quality of life Comorbidity Index¶0.0130.0150.373
HAs at baseline**0.3760.053<0.001
  • *In addition to the study-specific intercept (baseline risks): ISCOPE (0.510), Opti-Med (−0.242), PRIMUM (−0.248), RIME (−0.020).

  • †Medication count is operationalised as (anatomical therapeutic chemical classification system) 7-digit codes are used for chronic medication as defined per trial including medication for external use.

  • ‡START criteria included START A3, A5-A8, B1, B2, C1, C2, E1-E4, E7 and F1.

  • §STOPP criteria included STOPP B1-B3, B10, B12, B13, C6, C7, C10, C11, D2, D5-D7, D14, F1, G1, G2, H2-H5, H7, H8, J1-J3, K1-K4 and M1.

  • ¶PCS was calculated according to the modified instrument: maximum count 12 conditions, 47 points.

  • **Hospital admissions at baseline were absolute number of previous hospital admissions (in the 12 months preceding baseline).

  • HA, hospital admissions.