Table 2

Themes and categories

Challenges faced by front-line healthcare providers working in COVID-19 wards
  • Concerns about the management of COVID-19 cases

  • Fear of acquiring infection and transmitting to family members

  • Overwhelmed and exhausted by the workload and exhaustive donning and doffing process

  • The stigma associated with healthcare providers working in COVID-19 wards

Enablers supporting healthcare providers to deal with COVID-19 pandemic
  • A safe and secured hospital environment

  • Adequate training and drills for dealing with COVID-19 cases

  • The strong hospital system of information sharing during the COVID-19 crisis

  • Supportive management and leadership

Recommendations to support healthcare workforce during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Prepare and train backup health workforce

  • Ensuring motivation for front-line health workforce

  • Anticipate and address the mental health needs of the health workforce