Table 3

Frequency of claims by condition and change in percentage from 2018/2019* to 2020

ConditionPre-COVID-19 year*COVID-19 yearChange in %
Respiratory system disease26.513.0−50.8
Injury and poisoning89.448.1−46.2
Circulatory system disease36.320.0−44.9
Nervous system disease60.233.7−44.1
Digestive system disease74.242.3−42.9
Musculoskeletal system disease483.9283.5−41.4
Skin and subcutaneous disease33.621.0−37.6
Genitourinary system disease96.662.4−35.5
Infectious and parasitic disease2.91.9−35.1
Endocrine, nutritional, metabolic disease10.47.3−29.7
Symptoms, signs, ill-defined conditions182.1146.7−19.4
Blood diseases2.32.1−8.7
Pregnancy, childbirth4.64.84.3
Mental disorders90.0107.619.6
  • *Average for 2018 and 2019.