Table 3

Results—surveys with historical comparisons

Source (date)GroupOutcomeBefore COVID-19With COVID-19
Lancashire LGBT
(July 2020)
AllFeeling less cheerfulNR68%
Feeling less good about themselvesNR55%
Feeling less close to other peopleNR65%
Thinking less clearlyNR57%
Feeling less confidentNR51%
Dealing with problems less wellNR52%
Feeling less relaxedNR62%
Feeling less usefulNR56%
Feeling less optimistic about the futureNR61%
Trans menAverage % reduction in well-beingNR67%
Trans womenAverage % reduction in well-beingNR53%
(June 2020)
GayDepressed ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’31.6%50.9%
Anxious ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’45.4%56.4%
Loneliness ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’34.5%58.8%
Self-harm ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’4.8%6.6%
LesbianDepressed ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’46.8%64.3%
Anxious ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’64.3%67.6%
Loneliness ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’42.6%75.7%
Self-harm ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’13.4%16.0%
BisexualDepressed ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’44.5%64.5%
Anxious ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’61.9%70.5%
Loneliness ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’42.6%75.6%
Self-harm ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’12.5%15.3%
Transgender (gender not specified)Depressed ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’57.8%75.7%
Anxious ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’69.4%77.0%
Loneliness ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’44.0%79.3%
Self-harm ‘often’, ‘very often’ or ‘every day’16.6%21.6%
  • LGBT, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender; NR, not reported.