Table 4

Results—non-comparative survey results for healthcare

Source (date)General mental healthGeneral physical healthAlcohol or other substance consumptionRoutine healthcare access
Birmingham LGBT
(Sept 2020)
65% felt their mental health had been affected since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak
60% reported feeling anxious, depressed or lonely
14% had suicidal or self-harming thoughts
50% of people stated diet less healthy
7% accessed a food bank
70% reported ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ sexual health
20% undertook no physical exercise
33% indicated increased use of recreational drugs
40% of those who drank reported increased alcohol consumption
12% were not able to access healthcare when they needed it
11% could not access medication they needed
Houghton and Tasker
(Aug 2020)
70% felt very or extremely emotionally affected by the pandemicNRNRNR
Kneale and Becares
(Aug 2020)
(See separate table in online supplemental file)
Lancashire LGBT
(July 2020)
72% concerned about thisNR21% concerned about this33% not able to access routine healthcare (49% for trans people)
Live Through This
(Aug 2020)
30% concerned about their mental health
58% report a negative impact on mental health
43% worried about their health19% drinking alcohol more often22% concerned about being able to access healthcare
19% concerned about their medication
16% concerned about their ability to contact their cancer team
LGBT Foundation
(May 2020)
37% had decreased mental well-being as one of their top three concerns
42% would like to access support for their mental health
NR18% are concerned that COVID-19 will lead to substance or alcohol misuse, or trigger relapse16% had been unable to access healthcare for non-COVID-19-related issues
34% had a medical appointment cancelled
23% were unable to access medication
LGBT South West, Intercom Trust
(July 2020)
52% had decreased mental well-being as the second highest concern
62% living with family reported decreased mental well-being
NR29% of people were concerned the situation would lead to substance or alcohol misuse or trigger a relapse13% were unable to access healthcare for non-COVID-19-related issues
33% had medical appointments cancelled
17% were unable to access medication (55% of trans people said they were unable to access, or had concerns about accessing hormone therapy medications)
Opening Doors London
(Nov 2020)
>50% felt that lockdown impacted negatively on their psychological well-being
38% felt more unhappy or depressed since lockdown
18% felt much more depressed than usual
5% contracted coronavirus
23% felt their physical health was worse since the pandemic and lockdown
  • LGBT, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender; NR, not reported.