Table 4

Convergence between fidelity observed using video recordings and the results from the semi-structured nurse interview

Intervention componentsMedian (%) IQR fidelity*Qualitative interview findingsConvergence
All components84.2‘I find myself that … that I can deliver the care…I was probably more comfortable delivering the intervention…after few sessions’Yes
Materials100 (100, 100)‘I had to show them the booklet every patient so I don’t think I have forgotten to do that’Yes
Introduction100 (75, 100)‘I explain all the study and then explain that whole process again for the purpose of the session’Yes
Assessment100 (100, 100)‘I would say some of them were easy to find pinpoint the problems…as a nurse we always been asking these questions to patients… in this case but had previous experience in that area’Yes
Exercise88.9 (72.7, 94.4)‘We practiced and demonstrated exercises… I felt comfortable altering the exercise for them…I just couldn’t think how to link that, erm, goal setting I didn’t deliver it good… I don't think I could have delivered it any better than that either… some did actually achieve the goal’Yes
Education87.5 (74.1, 100)‘first few sessions I didn’t think of as very good to tell them about the information and then later on, I built that’Yes
Weight loss100 (77.8, 100)Positive from that is that I managed to tell everyone that, ‘you need to lose weight’, so I think it was kind of structured in a way… I didn’t feel too much uncomfortable’Yes
Adjunct treatments50 (0, 50)‘it was probably as a human error or that you forgot to mention it…with some patients if you already mentioned once or twice so with the first session that you need to you can use hot and cold therapy and then they refuse it and then there is no point’Yes
Review and planning100 (25, 100)‘Not difficult… we always talked about it this is what we discussed it today this is the exercise we, have assigned you and if you feel that you can progress into further do so’Yes
  • *Median fidelity scores of the individual components across the four sessions.