Table 3

Screening and assessment by FWV for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

Screening and assessment by FWV during ANCAll, %UH&FWC, %SC, %P value*
Total pregnant women, n1560955605
Asked about last menstrual period93.590.198.8<0.0001
Asked whether the women had
 History of hypertension or using any antihypertensive drug or pre-eclampsia in a previous pregnancy8.310.15.60.002
 History of diabetes3.
 History of renal disease or urine infection0.
 Severe headache14.819.18.1<0.0001
 Blurring of vision11.915.95.6<0.0001
 Upper abdominal pain18.325.07.6<0.0001
 Any episode of convulsion12.115.76.5<0.0001
 Blood pressure measurement97.498.196.20.021
 Urine assessment76.576.576.50.994
  • *Pearson’s χ2 test.

  • ANC, antenatal check-up; FWV, Family Welfare Visitor; SC, satellite clinics; UH&FWC, union health and family welfare centre.