Table 4

Prevalence of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancyCases identified/diagnosed by
Study physician*FWV†
All, n (%)UH&FWC, n (%)SC, n (%)All, n (%)UH&FWC, n (%)SC, n (%)
Total pregnant women, n15609556051560955605
Gestational hypertension32 (2.1)18 (1.9)14 (2.3)12 (0.8)11 (1.1)1 (0.1)
Pre-eclampsia29 (1.9)18 (1.9)11 (1.8)6 (0.4)4 (0.4)2 (0.3)
Severe pre-eclampsia16 (1.0)9 (0.9)7 (1.2)4 (0.3)4 (0.4)0
  • *According to the national protocol for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy based on the information recorded by study physician after reassessment of the pregnant women.

  • †According to FWV’s note recorded in antenatal check-up (ANC) register/ANC card after ANC was provided.

  • FWV, Family Welfare Visitor; SC, satellite clinics; UH&FWC, union health and family welfare centre.